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Lifetime of Learning, Teaching, and Writing

Michael H Plumer, MD Writes Educational Material for Patients and Health Care Personnel, Reviews and Critiques Scientific Literature, Reviews and Discusses Healthcare Ethics, and Writes Forceful Political Advocacy

More Than 50 Years Experience in Medicine

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That's not just one year’s experience 50 times - Dr. Plumer brings 50 years of diverse experience from the operating room, from the obstetric suite, from health care administration, from hospice and palliative care, and from graduate training in business and in healthcare ethics, as well as a uniquely vulnerable personal medical experience as a patient.
Dr. Plumer’s unique skill set even finds expression in prize-winning fiction.

Comprehensive Writing Solutions

Michael H Plumer MD offers a wide array of writing services to answer diverse client needs. Writing expertise includes the following areas:

  • Educational Material for Healthcare Personnel and Staff: I write accurate, engaging written material that presents complex concepts to healthcare professionals and students for maximum understanding and retention.
  • Educational Material for Patients: I write clear, jargon-free content, respectfully presented, that empowers patients to take control of their health and make informed decisions.
  • Scientific Research: I review and critique scientific literature as a specialty. I address studies that support or challenge organizational or government positions, research the information that leads to internet conclusions, or review famous names who are spouting unsupported claims. I examine, for example, whether certain drugs or exposures cause cancer, brain defects, or autism. Initiate your own review of important questions.
  • Ethical Discussion: I am a certified ethics consultant. I examine ethical questions, present information to undergird recommendations or produce a treatise examining a position or an issue.
  • Political Advocacy: As a physician, I am passionate about advocating ethically sound policies that improve healthcare outcomes for patients and society as a whole.
  • Prize-Winning Fiction: My knack for storytelling has won awards for fiction writing.
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Why Choose Michael H Plumer MD LLC

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Expert Knowledge:

Skip the “show it to the doctor” step. Our writing is pre-screened by the author as editor and guaranteed to meet the highest standards of accuracy. As an author-editor, I have wide personal experience and worldwide contacts for fact-checking medical, business, or ethical questions.

Diverse Range of Services

Diverse Range of Services:

My wide range of experience and expertise allows me to address a unique mix of writing needs.

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Customized Approach:

Each client has one-of-kind requirements. I listen carefully to understand what a client wants, I discuss as much as needed for clarity, and I work closely throughout the process to ensure your content meets your specific needs.

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Timely Delivery:

Communication, clarity, and dependability are core values. I value your time, and I will deliver your content on schedule.

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Client Satisfaction:

You will be completely satisfied with the final product.

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Are you in need of professional writing services from an experienced physician? Look no further than Michael H Plumer MD LLC. Whether you need a medical content writer for educational materials, patient resources, scientific research, ethical discussions, political advocacy, or even prize-winning fiction, I am here to help.

Get in touch with me today to learn more about my services and how I can assist you with your writing needs.